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Communication is the difference.

Coordinating communication within a healthcare organisation presents a series of unique challenges.

Pando is…

  • Working closely with over 200 NHS organisations.
  • Listed in the NHS Digital Apps Library.
  • Purpose built for healthcare professionals.

Adopting to Pando can be done within 72 hours and doesn’t require setup from your side. Speak to our Readiness team today – we are happy to assist.

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ICS Connect.

Unite your ICS. Enable distributed teams and Trusts to communicate together.

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Pando ICS Connect.


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  • Share guidance with your entire organisation in realtime.
  • Broadcast critical messages to all staff immediately.
  • Coordinate staff to better manage resources.


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  • Create instant access groups for surgical specialties.
  • Enable community staff to get advice & guidance.
  • Enable clinicians to up-skill through information sharing.


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  • Manage your hospital remotely with Pando.
  • Share strategy and best practice.
  • Enable secure remote communications for clinical teams.

Be ready in real time

Pando, designed for connecting clinical communities.

Pando in numbers.

Since the start of the pandemic, the use of Pando has increased all over the UK.

In April, Pando’s usage went up 504% with 4.6 million messages sent. As the country became more remote, we continued to bring healthcare together.

With a percentage rise of 432% and a peak of 1.29 million messages sent in a week, we adapted to the new way clinicians worked on the frontline.

244,000 messages, an increase of 375%, were sent in a single day by organisations across the country. Workforces of every size benefited from Pando’s coherent communication.

Why Pando is the difference.

During the latest wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering instant messaging services and broadcast messaging free to NHS staff and organisations.

Pando removes the complexities of communication, so you can continue to give expert care.

Our team is on hand to offer support.

Organisations working with Pando

Pando is trusted by over 90,000 UK healthcare professionals.
If we were a hospital, we’d be the biggest in the country.

What our users think…

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