An important lesson in taking better care of communication

In a conversation with physiotherapists, Sasha Struthers and Jessica Large, we explore the effect Pando has had on team at Leeds Teaching Hospital

By Pando Admin

Physiotherapy covers many aspects of treatment. It is not just a form of rehabilitation for those that are ill, injured or disabled, but is also to prevent future ailments. An instantaneous and secure messaging platform can help hard working physiotherapists save time and perform more efficient procedures. 

In a conversation with physiotherapists, Sasha Struthers and Jessica Large, we explore the effect Pando has had on their organisation. This case study was made and recorded in 2019.

Who is involved?

Physiotherapists, Acute floor physios and seniors. We have teams of up to 20 users, arranged by geographical region of the hospital and by speciality. Communication is conducted as a team and one-on-one basis.

What type of work does your team do?

Physiotherapy helps to restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability. It can also help to reduce the risk of injury or illness in the future and it involves the patient directly in their own care.

What are the challenges your team faces?

Physiotherapists are required to be in many places during their shift. They are ‘bleeped’ for any number of reasons and, if not urgent, can result in loss of time for clinicians and patients. Often, the start of a patient’s journey to recovery can be enhanced by working with the physiotherapist. 

How has Pando helped?

The use of Pando means that the patient can be discussed in real time with the right people in order for treatment to begin in a timely manner. This, in turn, will shorten the amount of time the patient is on a ward and will free up beds accordingly.

Physiotherapists at Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust have been using Pando successfully and have reported that bleeps are being used less, with Pando becoming their contact method of choice. They report better remote management of patients and that they use it to handover patients between busy shifts.

What are some of the key outcomes?
  • Time saving for physios and patients
  • Better bed management
  • Faster remote management of patients

The Impact

“We get on great with Pando. We’re finding it really useful to communicate our workload! It definitely saves us a lot of time. Before, having to bleep and wait for a response or physically go and find someone was not a great use of time. Patients that are outliers are getting seen quicker too.” 

Sasha Struthers, Senior Physiotherapist – Leeds Teaching

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