Enhance your research with
real clinical data.

Pando Network has proven to be a valuable source of human-centric scientific data. With the help of our 90,000+ users within the NHS network, Pando Insights unearths hidden data that helps bring the world of healthcare to life.

For Life Science Research Organisations:


Access Pando Network’s 90K+ healthcare professionals across more than 400 hospitals and community healthcare sites.


Ask highly targeted questions to speciality and subspecialty medical professionals.


Gather data within hours.


Engage with healthcare professionals in a way that works for them and for your study.


Need further insights or follow up questions? Re-engage immediately and gather additional data fast.

For Healthcare Professionals:


Participate in the most exciting, current and relevant research studies.


No pre-qualification forms or questionnaires. If you are approached to participate by Pando Insights you have been preselected.


Take part in a range of studies from a single question to requests for multiple insights.


Participate in studies directly from your phone.


Earn based on your expertise and with referrals throughout your network.

Work with us.

Get data that empowers the way you conduct research with transformative insights from clinicians all over the UK.