Healthcare is tough.
Let’s talk about making it easier.

Cut your team’s reliance on bleeps, switchboard and WhatsApp, with a tool that is made for healthcare.

With over 75,000 users, Pando is one of the UK’s leading clinical messaging systems.

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Who is Pando for?

Pando is the essential tool for teamwork and secure collaboration. It is designed to benefit anyone working in health and social care, working in a team, with a need to share sensitive information and images securely. Pando verifies the identity of all our users to make sure that information can be shared securely and with the right people.


In comparison to other clinical messaging apps, Pando is made solely for health and social care workers and equips them with features specifically made for them. These include secure messaging, image capturing and patient lists. Each feature is being developed based on an existing problem our users are facing and is being thoroughly tested to make sure Pando serves their exact needs.

Pando is designed to provide a platform that is efficient, reliable, and supports a sustainable work-life balance. It is PIN protected and has no time limit on data storage, making sure that you can always access it when you need it.

Secure Messaging

Find and contact other professionals – search by name, role or hospital.

  • Create groups with more than 100 colleagues.
  • Individual and team messaging.
  • Message people within your organisation or the wider region.
  • Broadcast messaging to the entire staff to distribute critical information.
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Join an open forum dedicated to a particular conversation topic.

  • Cross-organisation collaboration to share best practices.
  • Fixed point of contact for staff at health & social care organisations.
  • Search and join a forum or create a new one.
  • Share & get information on current topics.

Image Capture & Export

Take images with Pando, upload them from your device or export them from the app.

  • Take pictures and organise them in your personal in-app gallery.
  • Come back to images and attach them to a patient card or export them to your secure email.
  • Keep track of your patient’s progress and get instant advice from colleagues.
  • Images are never stored on your personal device.
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Patient Lists

Keep your patient information stored securely and up-to-date.

  • Manage your patients and keep track of your tasks.
  • Assign patients to your colleagues and share updates instantly.
  • Attach notes and images to a patient to record their progress.
  • Coming soon: share files with your colleagues and teams.
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Work-Life Balance

Mark yourself unavailable when you are off and let others know.

  • Stop receiving notifications for 1 hour, 48 hours or indefinitely.
  • Your network is informed whether you are available or not.
  • Facilitate decision-making when working from home – but turn off when you need to.
  • Separate your work and personal messages and switch off.
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Web App

Use Pando from your desktop computer.

  • Send direct and team messages, post in forums and create teams
  • Create patient lists, attach information, images and assign them to your colleagues
  • Already have a Pando account? Login to the Web App here
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Pando is trusted by over 100,000 UK healthcare professionals.
If we were a hospital, we’d be the biggest in the country.

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