Connecting Healthcare For Everyone

Our mission to get healthcare talking.

By Robin Hill

No matter the transformative shifts in digital healthcare, the red tape that surrounds it, or the stress and strain on healthcare professionals everywhere, our mission has never changed. We want to connect healthcare for everyone. That’s not to say it’s an easy mission. A global pandemic later, we are discovering we have to be more agile than ever before, more resilient in the face of technical adversity and take a continued strong stance on safeguarding to protect clinicians and patients. But amongst all the changes we’ve had to make, our mission has never changed. We are going beyond clinician to clinician communication and bringing that same technology to directly connect healthcare professionals to patients. Our aim to extend care pathways past the GP will transform value-based care and put specialist expertise in the hands of every patient.

No small feat, but it’s a mission we are already taking huge strides towards. Whether it’s for NHS Trusts, the UK’s armed forces, individual patients or businesses around the country, we are creating the infrastructure to allow clinical information to travel easily, safely and effectively. As Pando continues to grow, so does the strength of our connections and resolve to care. By enabling instant answers to complex clinical questions, our mission isn’t just about connection, but to create the next level of digital healthcare.

Creating clinical communications

Like most start-ups, Pando started with the problem. Healthcare communication in the UK was outdated, ineffective and lagging behind the rest of the world. Frankly, it was broken. We wanted to create a clinical communication tool that connected healthcare professionals within their Trust or team. Through rigorous enhancements to our platform and crucial feedback, we have cultivated a network of 70,000 clinicians. We helped connect those on the frontline, supported the communication for critically ill children and assisted teams with coherence in social care. These examples show how healthcare professionals are utilising the way Pando’s service works in a multitude of ways.

With a host of unique use cases and a high NPS, Pando has become a versatile and beloved service for health and social care professionals. And, thanks to the feedback of all the hardworking clinicians that use it, we are determined to make it even better. The new CCTF framework from the NHS gives startups like us extra support and opportunities to improve our product. This will lead us to delight more clinicians and increase the size of our network across the country. However, this is only half of what we are trying to achieve.

Accessing specialist healthcare

Our mission isn’t just centered on the healthcare professional, but on the patient too. To connect healthcare for everyone we must also make specialist healthcare accessible for patients everywhere. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted glaring signs of a system that was unable to keep up with the demand. Specialist healthcare has been hidden behind blockades of bureaucracy for too long. Why wait weeks for an in-person specialist consultation, when you can have a network of healthcare professionals in the palm of your hand? 

Take a quick look around the sector and you will see dynamic shifts in focus from Health Tech companies trying to provide GPs on demand. This has led to a significant rise in onward referrals and hasn’t necessarily shortened the patient’s care pathway. Pando, on the other hand, is going a step further. Next level care. Think of the specialism: Paediatrics, Women’s Health, Dermatology, MSK, Mental Health…etc. We are creating a multi-disciplined digital healthcare infrastructure that can be implemented by any business. What does this mean? We are opening up direct access to specialists to more patients across more areas. By skipping unnecessary calls with GPs or non-specialist practitioners, we are giving patients faster support and reshaping how healthcare works in the UK today. Take a glimpse at what we can do here.

The future of digital healthcare

Imagine a digital hospital where you can obtain immediate access to healthcare specialists. It’s fast, effective and available at the touch of a button. This is a system that gives patients frictionless advice, treatment and trusted access to prescriptions, insurance and preventative care. Welcome to healthcare that gives clinicians more flexible working hours and additional ways to earn.

You may think the above sounds overly aspirational, but that’s because it is. We recognise the time, effort and cost of this endeavour, but it doesn’t belittle our ambition. We want to be able to make one product and one service that works for clinicians and patients alike. Our mission hasn’t changed, it just got a little bigger.