COVID Case Studies: Pando in Action

Pando is a flexible communication tool that has enhanced our health system’s response to COVID-19. Read about how below.

By Rhydian Harris

Supporting regional networks logistics planning for ventilator capacity and PPE

Teams in theaters at Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust utilised Pando’s multi-faceted applications to coordinate staff and ventilator capacity in March and April. Pando was instrumental to the organisation by repurposing staff and equipment to increase intensive care capacity, meeting patient needs during the first wave.

Regional networks using broadcast messaging to update staff on best hygiene practices

During the start of COVID 19, guidance on handwashing and PPE was changing on a daily basis as new evidence emerged. In these times of uncertainty and ever-evolving guidance, several NHS organisations in the north of England used broadcast messaging to communicate the latest safety advice to all of their staff instantly, offering a clear advantage over emails which were routinely not being read. These messages from Leadership teams included up-to-date advice on what to do when coming into contact with a COVID-19 patient while not wearing PPE and how they could remain at work, what staff should do if they developed symptoms and updates on changes to government guidelines on self-isolating. 

Other Trusts found it extremely useful to send broadcast messages to help direct staff to their bulletin for all updates. Whether it was PPE updates, sharing links to staff briefings and vlogs covering supply of PPE, or COVID-19 testing for staff, the broadcast messages allowed a clarity and coherence during an unsettling period.

Emergency Department utilising Pando’s Forums and Teams to allocate roles virtually

A London NHS Trust used Pando’s Forums and Teams to coordinate their emergency response teams more efficiently. Every member of staff participated in a virtual check-in via the app, where roles could be easily allocated and introductions made. The use of Pando simply avoided the need for a face-to-face meeting every day (with infection risk associated), whilst communicating effectively the staff’s roles and effort.

NHS Dermatology Department goes fully digital via Pando

Dr Archana Rao, Consultant Dermatologist at Kingston Hospital said “Pando has been an absolute blessing for finding COVID secure ways to communicate. We have all medical staff at Kingston Hospital on the app. Large medical teams can communicate, and we instantly know who’s off sick as colleagues can mark themselves as unavailable. We’ve also been able to deliver specialist input, remotely, to ward patients using the ask advice feature.

Luckily, we had this up and running before the pandemic started, and it’s proved extremely useful. We run remote/virtual huddles and it allows us all to contribute to patient care despite self-isolating; through the app I can keep my team in loop, and they me.”

Read the full case study as featured on NHS X’s Digital Playbook here.

NHS Mental Health teams support vulnerable patients

“Thanks to Pando, we have been able to continue running a support network for our vulnerable patients with mental health difficulties, despite all now working remotely due to coronavirus. Through the app we have been able to coordinate our workflow, discuss confidential information and avoid time lost ringing around for updates.”

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