Giving Displaced Families Access To Healthcare Advice

What the people at Pando are doing to help.

By Pando Admin

We have watched in collective disbelief at the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine over the last week. Witnessing those with overt and careless power commit atrocity after atrocity, we sit helplessly wondering what we can do. And those who are affected most? Always the innocent, the families, children. Personally, I was taken aback when a Ukrainian colleague said he wouldn’t be able to join the company All Hands as he was helping drive refugees out of the country. Let that sink in…What else can we do to help all those displaced Ukrainian families?

At Pando, we have come together to figure out a way to help in this moment, right now. Thanks to the remarkable clinicians we work with, we’re opening up instant access to qualified Midwives, Paediatricians, and Women’s Health doctors from the UK. Displaced Ukrainians can instantly message and share images enabling consultations, all translated in any language, in low connectivity settings, via mobile phone. This new service, launched at incredible speed, will of course be totally free.

“We know that in war, what we take for granted goes out the window. This includes easy access to healthcare. Our experience in offering quick, convenient access to specialists using everyday technology allows us to offer something to help plug this gap at a time of need.” Pando’s Clinical Lead, Dr Richard Daniels.

“As a parent, I know how much of a difference a simple conversation with a midwife or paediatrician can make. I hope we can bring that to as many families as possible when they need it.” Co-Founder, Philip Mundy.

The service will be available at the following times each day:

Midwifery: 7 days per week, 10am – 10pm EET

Paediatrics: 7 days per week, 10am – 10pm EET

Women’s Health: Monday to Friday, 11am – 7pm EET

How does the service work?

This service is here to reassure all those displaced Ukrainian families at a time when healthcare is inaccessible. Any family that needs medical advice, guidance and support will be able to speak to one of our GMC or NMC registered specialist healthcare professionals. Every consultation is fully translated for non-English speaking users and is available here:

This could not have been achieved without the tireless work of all our clinicians, engineers, This could not have been achieved without the tireless work of all our clinicians, engineers, product managers, web designers and everyone who has given their free time to create this as quickly as possible. Amongst this, Ukrainian nationals helped us to translate the service despite the chaos that is transpiring in their own homeland. It was a truly humbling and awe-inspiring experience to be part of. We hope with this horrible conflict comes unity beyond measure. We stand with Ukraine.

Please help us ensure this service reaches those who need it. Share this post, connect us to your contacts. Thank you.